Choose Your Destiny in the

Eternal Clash For Vengeance

Iron Eagle

The Iron Eagle is founded by Crown Prince Lukia Dios. It represents the royalty of Dios, a symbol of a lone stalker in the skies.

Choose the Iron Eagles to support Lukia's rightful ascension to the throne and endure the eternal clash guided by their wisdom and insight.

Tempest Wolf

The Tempest Wolf is founded by Prince Lloyd Dios. It represents the nobility of Dios, a symbol of a pack hunter in the woods.

Choose the Tempest Wolves to support Lloyd's revolution to overtake the throne and besiege an eternal clash led by their vigor and valor.




Command the Elements

She was born with monstrous power. After having destroyed her entire village in a traumatizing frenzy, she was exiled and forced on a seemingly hopeless journey to control her powers. She hears rumors that her hometown was threatened by an unknown danger and is resolved to redeem herself in front of her family.

She is able to control the elements of water, fire, wind, earth, and darkness. Through years of perserverance, she has mastered the ability to conjure elemental magic to heal allies and remove harmful effects.


Fight for Glory

He grew up in a small town learning the art of swordfighting from a retired knight. Since the time he tragically lost his family after being ambushed by a group of bandits, he had been poised to get his revenge. He learns that the country is in dire need of skilled soldiers and decides to put country before personal vengeance.

The warrior uses a greatsword to control and suppress the enemy's movements. He fights using his towering size to block incoming strikes and uses powerful wide-area attacks to overpower his enemies.


Wield the Shadows

She was separated from her parents and taken in by an assassin's guild at an early age. During a botched mission for the guild, she was captured by royal guards of the kingdom. She was spared her life in exchange for working for the kingdom and was sent far away on a secret mission. However, she has now mysteriously returned with a new, unknown identity. Why she returned is yet to be known, but if one thing is certain, it's that a flurry of deaths is soon to come.

She specializes in one-on-one combat, excelling where there is ample cover. She prefers to strike first in a surprise attack, finishing the fight before it even begins.


Strike from Afar

For her small, rural tribe, hunting was more than a mere way to survive. Children learned how to stalk their prey as soon as they started to walk, and hiearchy was determined based on who the best hunters were. To overcome her small stature, she chose to wield a bow instead of a heavy sword. Her tribe has recently faced food shortages due to a severe decline in wild game. She prepares herself to discover the reason.

She stays a comfortable distance away from her enemies and strikes at blinding speed. She takes advantage of various tricks to restrict tougher enemies' movements.


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